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Subject: Capodimonte Figurines

I have a figurine made in Italy of Little Red Riding Hood with a base that measures about 7.5 inches across and stands about 12 inches tall. The warranty tag says "This is to certify that the article countersigned by the accompanying certificate of origin belonging to PORCELLANE MARZIA collection of MENEGHETTI has been hand made according to the standards of the ancient school of CAPODIMONTE and the signature of the artist is a guarantee of the genuiness, origin and legality of this model." On the back of the base is a logo that looks like an N with a crown over and the words MADE IN ITALY below it and a name engraved into the base as well. Is this an item of value?

This item is not listed in the book, however, I believe that it is a valuable figurine due to its size and theme.

Subject: Cordey China

Can you kindly provide any information (value, history, etc.) regarding a full-body Corday porcelain figurine of a woman with the following information located on the bottom of the figurine: In red pen/marker 5054, Cast 78, Randomly placed the number 70, The spelling is "Corday" not "Cordey" . The number 190S is also located on the bottom (it appears to be an "S"). Also, can you please tell me the value of a lamp that is a Corday full-body porcelain woman. The lamp appears to be the same woman.

Cordey China Company

#5054 is Lady with Roses 9 inches $120

I only see two lamps listed in the price guide: Lamp, Pink Roses with gold on white $85.00 and Lamp, Lady in dark blue with much lace 12 inch figure, 17 inches overall $150.

Subject: Dresden Porcelains

My wife and I finally cleaned out our attic and found two boxes with three porcelain figurines in perfect condition in them. One is a ballerina in a pink lace dress (all in porcelain about 6-7 inches tall. It is on a white base with gold trim accents. There is also a smaller 4-5 inches tall ballerina similar to the larger one. The third is a couple dancing also 4-5 inches tall. They are all in their original packages and from the boxes look like they were brought back from Germany. The bottom of the figurines say Germany and dresden and they all have a number that was created in the porcelain. They are incredibly detailed and look especially fragile but are currently in perfect shape. Can you tell us who we might contact to find out the value of our "attic find"

There is a Figurine, ballerina in pink/white dress with flowers, 7 inches listed in the book for $225. A smaller ballerina is not listed.

Subject: The Dubler Figures - Read About the Dubler Figures

I have three Dubler Hummels made during World War II in New York. Are these figures of any value?

It is hard to find a secondary price guide for these figures, however, I feel that these are good pieces to keep for a couple of reasons. 1. They are dated and are 50 plus years old. 2. There is a book written on Hummel Copycats by Lawrence L. Wonsch. Wonsch shows that the collecting of copycat M. I. Hummels can be fascinating and fun. I will try to get more information on this book in case someone wants to purchase.

Subject: Figurines

I have a figurine that a friend got for me while I was in Germany in 1952. It is a man and woman in 1700's dress. On the back is a crown with an N under it. Can you tell me anything about this?

Sounds like your figurine is a Capodimonte. May have been exported from Italy to Germany. The Capodimonte marking is a blue "N" and crown. The term Capodimonte was originally a fine porcelain produced at a "castle on the mountain" overlooking Naples, Italy. The term currently describes a highly ornate style rather than an actual product. Frequently features flowers, fruits and courtly or native figures.

Subject: Figurines

Date sent: Tue, 12 Jan 1999

I'd like to inquire about the Spirit of America (Woman holding a flag) figurine purchased in 1976 for 225.00. It is in mint condition. What is its current value? Thank you very much for your time. I enjoy the site very much.

Figurines are usually listed in the price guides either by artist name or manufacturer. Do you know what company or artist produced this figurine?

Subject: Figurines

Years ago, probably 10 or more, I started collecting Blue Button Twins -designed by Roger Brown. I found these at our local Hallmark shop. They were distributed by House of Global Art. I have 4 of these figures. They are little girl figurines about 4-5" tall. I have searched for the artist and House of Global Art and come up blank. Do you have any information on these, where I could possibly get more to complete my collection, their value, etc. Thanks for your help.

I too come up blank - Perhaps you could contact: Hallmark Visitor Center, P. O. Box 419580, Mail Drop 132, Kansas City, MO 64141-6580 (816) 274-5672


Subject: Goebel Figurines

Subject: goebel charlot byj figurine

I recently purchased at a garage sale for 2.00 a figurine. It is a blonde headed boy kneeling and praying he has on pajamas and the flap in back is down, the markings on the bottom are w. goebel, w, germany stamped into the bottom are the letters byj 16. I am curious as to its value. It has no chips although it is a bit dusty any ideas how to safely clean it?

There are 16 blondes in the Charlot Byj collection of Goebel Fiigurines. There are no pictures in the book, just the names so it is not possible to say exactly which one you have, but if the 16th one listed called, "The Way To Pray", is also your number 16 then the secondary market value is $75 - $90. The lowest price listed for the figurines is $60 and the highest price is $500. The highest price is for the figurine called "Tender Shepherd".

Do you have any info on or know where to purchase a series of figurines by Goebel called "BERDZ" They are described on their pamphlet as "exotic and amusing feathered creatures. They mirror images of our own human foibles and personalities." The name and address of the maker and artist is W. Goebel Porzellanfabrik, Rodental, Bavaria, West Germany. artist: Gunter Scherrer Dated 1982 I would appreciate and help you can offer. I did write to Goebel in Germany but did not get a reply.

I do not have any information of this series of figurines. Perhaps you could write to Goebel of North America, Goebel Plaza, Rte. 31 North, Pennington, NJ 08534-0010. Please let us know if you find out anything more.

Subject: Goebel - Redheads

I have recently inherited Goebel figurines from my aunt. She often referred to these figurines as "Redheads" and I can't find any information on them. One is approximately 4 1/2 " high. It's a little girl with red hair wearing a green and white checkered dress with two dogs following behind. Inscribed on the bottom is the big V with the bee W. Goebel, W. Germany. Also the Number Byj 25 with the year 1958. Can you give me any information on this?

Well, I can tell you that the Goebel Redheads by Charlot Byj are listed in the book. There are approximately 75 of them. The problem is that they are listed by name with no numbers given. 1968 seems to be the first year the figurines were issued. I see none that go back to 1958. There is a figurine dated 1968 called "Putting on the Dog" It issued for $9.00 and has a current market value of $125.00. The edition for that figurine was closed in 1986. The figurine list is not descriptive so I do not know how to go about finding the name for yours. The secondary market prices range from $85 - $150 for the majority of the figurines listed.

Subject: Goebel Redheads

Could you tell me if the book, Collectibles Market Guide and Price index, contains information on the Goebel Charlot Byj Redhead Figurines. I have an extensive collection of these redheads and have no information on their value. I appreciate any help or suggestions.

The book has approximately 75 of the Goebel Redheads listed. You can order the book in our bookstore.

Subject: Goebel Figurines

It is great that you have a site where I can ask a few questions on Goebel figurines! I have a small collection of figurines called Today's Children (1 girl and 6 boys) the figurines all all stamped with the circle around the C Goebel WGermany. They also have the name Kiobek enscribed on the base of each figurine. They are numbered and dated as follows: girl with headphones - 10712?4 date 1978 - boy with drill - 10 708 12 date 1976 - boy with computer- 10725 14 date 1983 - boy stirring pot - 10 709 16 date 1978 - boy with camera - 10706 17 date 1978 - boy with stamp collection -10704 18 date 1978 - boy with airplane - 10 716 17 date 1981 - boy on sled - 10721 10 date 1983. All of the figurines are signed. Could you tell me anything about this series? How many are there in total (boys/girls)? Is there anywhere a person can purchase the figurines (I have purchased all of mine at estate auctions and antique stores). What is the value of the figurines? Copies to:

Could these figurines be Co-Boy? Is it possible the signature is Skrobek instead of Kiobek? Goebel list nothing under Kiobek, but there are a lot of Co-Boy figurines listed under Skrobek. Problem is none of the numbers are listed, just their names and no pictures. For example: 1980 - Carl the Chef issued for $49.00 has secondary market value of $85-$90.

Subject: Goebel

My wife was given what looks like a Hummel. It is about 5 1/4" tall. The little boy is wearing a top hat,an orange scarf(or tie?)and dressed in all black. He's walking,carrying a ladder in his right hand slung behind his back. He is carrying something in his left hand which possibly could be a duster. He looks like a chimney sweep but doesn't match the one in the book.On the bottom the stamp is "Goebel w.Germany" and to the right is a scribble that could be the signature. It is stamped "KF40". Any idea what it is?

It could be a Co-Boy by G. Skrobek manufactured by Goebel in 1984. Try to get a magnifying glass to see if you can read the signature. I have never seen these figurines, but it sounds like "Chuck the Chimney Sweep". It issued in 1984 for $45.00 and has a secondary market price of $80 - $120.

Subject: Goebel

I recently inherited two pieces of "Goebel" and cannot find anything about them. I'm sure they are not very old as they have no bee mark. One is a figurine about 8" high of what may be a groom - marked: 16 288 Goebel W Germany Waiting for his love 1925 - The other is marked: Charlot 27 Byj 84 Goebel W Germany.

Any information as to what they are and possible value would be most appreciated.

The bee mark references older Hummel figurines. These are not Hummels. I do not see them listed in the book. Do you know if they were purchased in the USA or Germany? Goebel manufactures several different figurines, not just Hummels.

Update: Waiting for his Love by G. Bochmann artist for Goebel Series: Fashions On Parade Issued for $33.00 in 1983 now has secondary market quote of $50.

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Subject: Goebel

I have a Goebel/Hallmark "Betsey Clark" figurine from the 1970's - can you tell me where I can find information on this. Thanks

There were four Betsey Clark Figurines by G. Bochmann produced in 1972. They are "Bless You" - issued for $18.00 and has a secondary market price of $275.00 - "Friends" issued $21.00 secondary market price $400.00, "Little Miracle" issued $25.00 secondary market price $350.00 and "So Much Beauty issued $25.00 and the secondary market price is $350.00

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Subject: Hummel Price Book

Do you know of a fairly authoritative book that lists prices for Hummel Figurines?

Subject: Hummels

Hi there! I've been browsing your site to find out how much the figurines we have are worth. I would appreciate any info you could give me on them. I have three: 1) A boy in an apple tree with a dog, 7", 56/A, full bee, 36 2) Star Gazer, 5", 132, full bee, 68 3) Two boys standing with an arm around the other's shoulder, 5 1/4", 123, three line mark, 16, it looks like there is a year on it also but I can't make it out

HUM 56A "Culprits" TMK 2, FB $375-$400; HUM 132 "Star Gazer" TMK 2, FB $275-$315; HUM 123 "Max and Moritz" TMK4, 3 Line $215-$245.

Subject: Hummels

My mother has a Hummel figurine, purchased circa 1953 and has not been able to locate it in any books. It is approx. 6" tall. It is a boy in a religious textured robe with burnt orange colored cape, holding a globe with a cross on top. The M.I. Hummel signature is incised on the side of the base, and it has the incised number 70, incised crown mark, the large full bee in a vee stamped on the base with 'Germany' stamped in dark ink also. We are trying to find out the actual name of the figurine along with any value for it.

HUM 70 - The Holy Child. 6 3/4 inches - Trademark 2 Current Value $225-$250.

Subject: Hummels

Hello, My mother gave me two unusual Hummel angels that her mother brought back from West Germany in the late 1950's. They are all white (glazed) and per your trademark information, they have the baby bee/full bee trademark inside of an incised circle. The first is #172, Festival Harmony with Mandolin which measures 10.5 inches tall to the angels wingtips. The second is #173, Festival Harmony with Flute and measures 11 inches tall to the angels wingtips. They are both unblemished and in pristine condition. I have not seen all white hummels anywhere else, though I have looked. I would like to make certain they are properly insured. If you don't have any idea of value, perhaps you might know a reliable source that I could go to.

No mention of white glazed in the book. #172 has different prices based on whether the bird is on the flowers or on the mandolin. #173 prices vary regarding the flowers. It varies if the flowers are high or low. Even though the numbers are the same, I think the book is referring to figurines with color. Yours may be very rare. The price range for #172 is $1000-$2500 and #173 is $1200 - $2700 (trademark 2). I am sending you the name and address of Carl F. Luckey, author of the book, "Hummel Figurines & Plates Identification and Value Guide. Please write to him with your question and let me know if you hear anything back regarding your figurines.

Subject: Pricing a Hummel - Signs of Spring

How can I go about replacing a 4" Hummel - Signs of Spring. The markings include a blue 1/4 " V with a bee inside and W.Germany at the base of the V reading to the right. The stamped numbers above this logo are 203 2/0. Below the logo is "by W. Goebel" stamped in black ink and the date 1948. If it cannot be replaced can you advise me on how to value this figurine?

The figurine "Signs of Spring" has been permanently retired. The one you describe is Trademark 3 and has a secondary market value of $175 - $200. If you need to replace this figurine, you could perhaps put a classified ad in our Hummel Classifieds.

Subject: Hummels - More Information Flower Madonna

I have a Hummel Madonna with child, 8 1/2" tall and in color. It has a bee with a V, possibly stylized, with West Germany off to the side, all stamped. Also the number 10-1 is embossed on the bottom. What is it worth? Thank you.

HUM 10/1 - 8 1/4 inches color FLOWER MADONNA, TMK-3 has a secondary market value of $480 - $500.

---Thanks for your reply. I thought the Madonna was worth much more, my uncle bought it in Germany when in the service, about 1959. Why is it called "Flower" MADONNA?

---The Robe has a flower motiff, the Madonna is holding a flower and baby Jesus is pointing to the flower. jw

I have a Hummel that is called Sign's of Spring. Could you tell me it's Value? It's a Gnoeble. Thank- you

I assume you mean Goebel. I assume you mean TMK-6 since you did not mention anything about its trademark, mold number, size etc. Signs of Spring - HUM 203/2/0 4 inches is $140 - HUM 203/1 5 inches $200. Both sizes are retired. The older ones are worth more. Please read about Hummel Markings.

I recently inherited a M.I. Hummel and am trying to determine the value. It is a girl sitting down with a book on her lap. On one page of the book is a yellow bird/duck and on the other side is a blue flower. She is wearing an orange bib with white dots on it. It has a V on the bottom with a large bee in it (I believe 1950-1955) and has 3/1. On the back side at edge of skirt is imprinted M.I. Hummel.

HUM 3/1 is 5 1/2 inches "Book Worm". TMK-2 (large bee flying in the V) is currently valued at $400 - $420.

I am an American residing in The Netherlands. I have recently acquired a Hummel and cannot seem to find any price guide for it. It is a boy and girl under an umbrella. The boy is holding what appears to be a walking stick. It appears to have the stamped crown mark and the number 71 with a dot or period next to the number. On the back is M.I. Hummel with no marks next to it. We acquired this through my mother in law whose sister lived in Germany for a time following WWII. Can you tell me what the name of this is, approximate year it was made and the current value.

HUM 71: Stormy Weather - This figurine has been known as "Under One Roof". A Crown Mark Stormy Weather is valued at $825 - $930. The 71 mold number was changed to 71/1 during the Missing Bee (TMK-6) period. Met Vriendelijke Groeten. jw

My mother has a Hummel figurine of a little boy on a fence. It is marked on the bottom 1938 with a large V and what appears to be a small v inside of it, it also has West Germany along with by W. Goebel marked on the bottom. It is marked 111 3/0. She was wondering what it is worth.

The figurine is Wayside Harmony. The markings are trademark 4, 3-line. It is worth between $145 and $165.

Would you tell me a little about, and the value of, the following Hummel figures I've inherited? All I know is that they were purchased in Germany many years ago. - 4" high, a small boy sitting in a slingshot-shaped apple tree. He has on a green cap and blue hatchmarked vest. His shirt seems to be the only part with a glazed finish. The rest has a matt finish. On the bottom is printed a bee in a "v", "Germany", and what looks like a "7" with a slash. It also has the number "142 3/0" imprinted into the ceramic. There's a large hole on the bottom. 4" high, a little girl playing a ukelele and singing. Her brown hair is whisped back, with a Bob's Big Boy cowlick in the front. She has on a purple dress with a red collar and red polkadots. Her shoes are red. On the bottom it says: "Germany", a bee in a "v", and the number "53" is imprinted into to figure. There's also a small mark that looks a little like a spoon on edge. There's a large hole on the bottom.

HUM 142/3/0 is four inch Apple Tree Boy - I don't know exactly what V/Bee mark you have - check your figurine against the Hummel Marks. TMK2-FB $200-$220; TMK3 $160-$190; TMK4 $140-$160. (I think you have TMK- 3.

HUM 53 is four inch Joyful. TMK-3 $130-$150. This figure was once known as Banjo Betty. There are some oversize pieces which would increase the value by 20 - 25%. A much more rare variation is the orange dress (instead of the normal blue) found on some very early Crown Mark (TMK-1) "Joyfuls". Collector value $3,000 - $3,500.

We recently inherited what we thought was a large collection of hummel figures-there were really only four that I can identify. One is a little boy with umbrella and back pack (Globe Trotter?) and the #79 and Stylized bee, Goebel and W.Germany on base. Another is two little girls on a fence, it has the #s 179 and 26 on base and Stylized bee with W. Germany. Could you please tell me about these two. Also some of the other figures have B. Hummel on the base as well as 1946 Decorative Figurines (or figures, hard to read) Inc. or B. Hummel on the figure and (year) Herbert Dubler. What are these???? There are also others that say "Genuine Hummel Reproduction" produced in U.S.A. and some that have the name Ars Sarca on them ????? Any ideas

HUM 79 is Globe Trotter. This figurine was one of the pre WWII releases. The earlier figurines exhibit a double weave in the baskets. The weaving changed to single during TMK-3 era. So, TMK-3 double weave $250-$300 and TMK-3 single weave $220-$240. HUM 179 is Coquettes. TMK-3 $300-$350. In the older figurines, the girls were a bit chubbier and the hair style of the girl with the red kerchief is swept back. It was first released in 1950. See our information about the Dubler Figurines

Subject: M. I. Hummel - Berta Hummel

I am recently starting my own hummel collection. I would like to know the differences between a M.I hummel and a Bertha hummel.

 M. I. Hummel Figurines are made in Germany. It takes approximately 700 steps to make one of the M. I. Hummel figurines. The new collection of Berta Hummel figurines (Berta was the name of Sr. Maria Innocentia Hummel before she became a nun) are made in Asia. The quality is excellent on the Berta Hummels as well and they cost much less. If you would like to see some pictures of the figurines, please visit my gift shop web site: Emily's Gifts & Collectibles

Subject: Book Worm - HUM 3/111 9 inches tall stylized bee.

I recently, acquired this piece and researched it in a Miller price guide at $1600/1800. It has the stylized bee and West Germany and is about 9 inches. It speaks of Faience technique which raises the value {how would I know?}. How would I be able to sell this anywhere near the book value? Do I need it appraised and where? I am glad there is someone like you to ask all these questions. Thanks.

Book Values do differ - the book I use has a secondary market quote of $1200-$1400. Faience Piece add 20% bringing the quote to $1440 - $1680. According to my book the numbers 3/11 and 3/111 have been out of production for some time and they are avidly sought after by collectors. Also says the numbers 3/11 and 3/111 are occasionally found with the Arabic number size designator (3/2 and 3/3 respectively).

Faience technique - defined as brilliantly glazed, bright-colored fine earthenware. More commonly called "Doll Face" pieces by collectors. This describes the few Hummel Figurines that were made by Goebel in the early days of paint and finish experimentation.

This is a glazed porcelain. As far as is known, Goebel did not go into mass production of the porcelain pieces for it was found that the fine earthenware with a matte finish was more amenable to the true reproduction of the soft pastel colors used by M. I. Hummel in her artwork. What we do know is that they were produced in sufficient numbers for many to end up in private collections. Models and colors vary widely, but the majority reflect the normal colors. The faience variation can be found on HUM 1 through HUM 15. It is unusual, but the faience pieces have been found bearing the Full Bee and Stylized Bee marks (as you can attest). Most have the Crown Mark.

When Goebel displayed the original 46 figurines at the Leipzig Fair in 1935, they also displayed the first fifteen porcelain ones also. At the end of the fair it was the now familiar earthenware pieces that proved the most popular. The porcelain pieces apparently languished in some storage area, but eventually made their way into the market.

Personally, I do not feel that you need it appraised because it is what it is and has the markings that are used for identification purposes.

To find the person who will pay book value for this piece may be difficult as that person no doubt will be a rarity. My suggestion of course would be a classified ad in the Hummel Sell section of our web site (only $8.00 for one month) or any place on the web where you can place a classified ad. You can also try your local newspaper or call Goebel in Pennington New Jersey to see if there are any local Hummel Clubs in your area.

Subject: Hummel

I have a 1963 hummel called "a stich in time" she is 61/2 inches tall and has a blue V with a bee and w.goebel and w.germany stamped on the bottom with the numbers 31/255 she has a small chip on her ponytail. She appears to have a very faint signature on the base. Have you heard of hummels being signed? I would like to know what she would be worth. Thank you

It sounds like you have Trademark 4, 3 Line. The figurine measures 6 3/4 inches and has a current value of $275-$300.

See Goebel Trademarks

Subject: Hummel

Could you possible tell me the age and price of the following: bone - white madonna with child approx.6.25" in height, stylized V w/ Western Germany below, HM118, round hole in bottom. Umbrella Boy152A w/stylized V 8" height, and Umbrella Girl 152/IIB w/stylized V also 8" height.

No Info on Madonna figurine - HUM 118 is "Little Thrifty". The Madonna's with child in the book are 12 inches tall. There is no reference to 6.25 inch Madonna With Child. May be a Goebel figurine, but not a Hummel. Umbrella Boy 152A - 8 inches trademark#3 $1500-$1700. Umbrella Girl 152B - 8 inches trademark#3 $1500-$1700.

We're trying to get some information on a little boy riding a pig. It was approximately 4 inches high and was given as a gift in the early 1970's. It was a german hummel. We need a name and value.

Really? This does not sound like a figurine that Sister Hummel would have drawn...anyway, Hummel figurines have mold numbers and markings to identify the piece which helps me to determine what figurine we are talking about. I went through every picture and the only figurine with pigs I could find was Farm Boy, a boy looking down at two pigs. Anyone out there know of any other "Hummel" pig figurines?

I have 2 figurines, the first is a girl with a slate on the bottom is the a "V" with the words "W.Goebel & W. Germany" impressed in it is the numbers "367" and I believe "4". It also has the date 1963. The second figure was given to my father and since handed down to me it looks like a hummel with a boy standing by a well he has a pipe in hand, there is a water jug on the well. It is about 9" high and has imprinted on the back of the well the number 11511 along with what looks like a "C" with a line through it and "ed". It also has the word Germany. Any information would be great.

The first figurine is called Busy Student HUM 367. You have what is called trademark 4. The figurine is valued at $160 - $175. The second figurine is not a Hummel. Are there any markings on the bottom of the figurine?

Subject: Hummel Bank

I have a Hummel Bank. I wish to find out 3 things its year of making, its name and also its current value. It is of a little girl in a green dress and orange polka dotted apron. She is reaching up to put a silver coin in a box. I believe it is the poor box. It has a round metal keyed opening in the bottom with a silver colored slotted key to open it. On the bottom are very small markings in blue of a "V" inside it looks like a blue dot, below this are the words "W. Germany". Above the "V" is impressed with the number 118, and off to the side another impression it looks like the number "75".

You Have HUM 118 Little Thrifty with trademark #3. The value is $160-$180. The figurine was introduced in the late 1930's. It is usually found with a key and lockable metal plug beneath the base, but these are sometimes lost over the years.

We have a Hummel that says it was made in Germany and was purchased there in the 50's. the # is109/2. The figure is a boy with a red umbrella, his leg is kicked up and a hand in his pocket. the goebel V sign is a full bee ( it touches the V and is not colored in. the number may be 709/2 as it is hard to differentiate.

There is a figurine called "Happy Traveler" 109/11 which has an unknown year of issue that is listed in the book (CIB) for $975-$1000. (I think the 11 is the roman numeral for 2). In Schroeder's 1998 16th edition Antiques Price Guide, the figurine is listed at $540. That is for a full bee, 7 1/2 inch figurine.


At Grandpa's was issued in 1994 for $1300 and was retired in 1996 - edition was limited to 10,000 pieces. It has a secondary market quote of $1300 - $1400. Crossroads #331 - original has a secondary market quote of $450.

I have a 10" color Madonna & child figurine marked on the bottom with the V & bee, Germany and HM 11. Can you tell me if this is a Hummel and approximate value? Thanks for your help!

I do not see this number in the book - There is a 12 1/2 inch Madonna Holding Child #151 with crown mark that is listed for $6,500.00......

I have 3 Hummels I would like to sell and need help in prices they are Happy Days,43---Out of Danger 56B and Waiter 154/0 please advise asap Thank you.

There are different Happy Days #150/2/0 quote $190, #150/0 quote $330, #150/1 quote $500, #150 6 1/4 inches with crown mark is $940. (I do not see any with the number 43) - Out of Danger 56B quote $325, Waiter #154/0 quote $240.

I am seeking information regarding two figurines. One appears to be a Hummel - it is a 5 1/2" boy dressed in lederhosen with ruckksack and green cap with feather. V with Bee on bottom and number 82/0. Number 17 stamped on bottom as well. very light 2 mm chip on bottom of shoe.Other Figurine is 6 3/4" young boy dressed in blue holding brown puppy. On bottom is a symbol of a castle and the letters B&G, KJOBENHAVEN,Denmark 1747 FO

The Hummel figurine is called "School Boy" and has a secondary market quote of $225 - that is without the chip. The other figurine is a Bing and Grondahl and though it is not specifically listed in the price guide, I would make a guestemate that it would have a secondary market quote of $100 - $150, based on similar size B&G figurines listed.

I have a Hummel figurine. I do not know the title of the figurine, but it is a little girl holding a flower basket behind her back. The mold number is 77. It is a 1971 figurine #377 with the initials LR on it. It is in mint condition. Can you give me any information on this figurine. Thanking you in advance for your help.

Mold #377 is called Bashful. She is 4 3/4 inches tall and is priced at $225.

Subject: Hummels

We have two figurines, a girl with chickens, a bowl in her hand with a chick perched on it. The number is 199, with Germany stamped in blue with a v and bee, the bee inside the v. The boy has a goat at his back with a kid in front. His hands are in his pockets. The number is 200/1 with w. goebel in an arc and Germany with a v and bee inside the v. Are these Hummels and approx value?

Yes, they are both Hummel figurines. The first one is called "Feeding Time" #199/0 is currently retailing for $225 and 199/1 is currently retailing for $315. The second one is called "Little Goat Herder" #200/1 is currently selling for $260. Yours will be worth more because of the older markings.

Subject: Hummels

My Mother is looking for a cardinal hummel to buy. Please contact me.

No such thing as a cardinal Hummel. There is probably a cardinal available that is manufactured by Goebel - Yes they produce other items besides Hummels.

Subject: Hummels

My mom has a Hummel that she, has been told is a chimney sweep. He's about 5 1/2" tall, with a ladder in one hand, a rope in the other. The top the base it reads M I HUMMEL. On the bottom has a v with a full bee in the middle, and beside it is a R with a circle around it like a trade mark. It also has 12/1 GERMANY and there's also a # 30 on it. Can you please tell us more about it and what it might be worth? Thank you

Chimney Sweep 5 1/2" tall Number 974 - Mold Number 12/1 currently issues for $245.00. Your mom's would be worth more because of the older markings.

Subject: Hummels

I received a Hummel called stormy weather. It's marked with a v with a bee over W. Germany. What can you tell me about the age and Value?

The current 4 3/4" Stormy Weather is $330.00 and the 6 1/4" size is $495.00. Your figurine is worth more because of its markings.

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Subject: Hummels

I was recently given the "Flower Madonna" figurine. It is approximately 12" high and has the marking 10/3 on the bottom with a blue V with a bird inside of it. Any idea how much this is worth? Thanks for your time.

The Flower Madonna, color 10/111/11 - $600 - $750, white 10/1/W $165-$420, white 10/111/W $470 - $750. I do not see a marking of 10/3 in the book. Also, it is a bee in the V not a bird.

Subject: Hummels

In a very recent move 2 Hummel figurines were broken and we are trying to find out their value for settlement with the insurance company. The two figurines are from the 1950's, one is The Sweeper (a little girl with a broom), and the other is called Adoration. Can you please provide an approximate value?

Adoration 23/1 $380.00 Adoration 23/11 $590.00 - Little Sweeper 171/0 $150.00 Little Sweeper 171/4/0 $115.00       

Subject: Hummels

My Grandmother has a Madonna with a donut-hole halo. On the bottom it has 10/1 and a bee. There are no chips on it. Any idea about its value?

The Flower Madonna, white 10/1W has a secondary market range of $165 - $420

Subject: Hummels

I was wondering the value of two Hummels I received from my uncle. I am not sure of how to describe them enough for you to know which I am writing about. 1. A boy standing with 3 pigs on ground. 2. A girl with a baby carriage and in it is a doll with an indian head dress. They are both almost 8 inches high with the boy being slightly taller. They were both purchased in either the 60's or early 70's.

I wrote yesterday about a boy w/ pigs hummel and a girl with baby carriage. Looking over other sites I realize there are numbers on the bottom, which may aid in the ID. The Boy with three pigs has engraved "66" large and a "77" smaller. Stamped with a large V and within the large V is an eagle shaped like a V. Next to the V is stamped "(R)". Also made in "Germany" is stamped on. The Girl with baby carriage has engraved "67" large and I can't make out the first of the small number "?0" maybe a 4 or 7. It is stamped with a "V" inside a "V" and "West Germany" Thanks

The first figurine is called Farm Boy #66 - The second figurine is called Doll Mother #67. The current Farm Boy offered for sale by Goebel is 5 inches and sells for $260.00 - Doll Mother is 4 3/4 inches and sells for $230.00. Because of the size of your figurines and the older markings, they would be more.

I so much appreciate your note and research. The farm boy has a chip on a pig's tail and on the back of the hat. I didn't even notice them until I inspected it closely. The girl is perfect. I assume a chip would decrease the value a lot. How much might it decrease? I know I am asking a lot from you and appreciate your knowledge!

Two chips in a figurine would basically make it unsellable.

Subject: Hummel Bell

I am interested in purchasing the figurine that matches the 1987 Annual Bell and do not know the name of the Bell or corresponding figurine....could you help??

The 1987 Annual Bell is called "With Loving Greetings" 709. The figurine #309 is $220.00

Subject: Hummel Nativity

What would be the value of a white porcelain nativity set of eleven pieces with Goebel and M. Hummel and the date 1951 on the back. There is also a marking of a V with a bird inside it. The set is in excellent condition. The number 214 is also on each piece with the letters A or K.

The only nativities listed as a set are the ones in color. There are other nativity figurines listed individually, but the book does not indicate white or color so at this time I do not know what the value is, but I suspect that your set is very valuable, perhaps around $1000.00.

Subject: Hummel Plate - 1980

I have a Goebel M.J. Hummel plate (10th Edition - 1980, Hum 273), in mint condition (still in it's original box). It has rarely been out of its box. I have been wondering what its value is. Are there any web sites that provide current estimated prices for Hummel plates for this time period?

The plate is called "School Girl". It issued for $100.00 in 1980 and currently has a secondary market quote of $90.00.

In regards to web sites that provide current estimated prices...what about this one?

Subject: Hummel - 1971 annual plate Heavenly Angel

Do you know the value of the 1971 annual Hummel plate?

It issued for $25.00 and now has a value of $550 - $625. I have seen higher quotes, but unless you have a buyer the higher quotes do not mean much!

Subject: Hummel - Madonna

I have a Hummel of the Madonna which is: approximately 14 inches high, is marked 46/1 and has a "V" stamped into the piece with what looks like a blue bee inside of the "V". I am curious as to its value.

The Madonna Figurines:

Madonna Praying - color - 46/111/6 - Suspended - Issue Unknown - Quote $140 - $400.

Madonna Praying - white - 46/1/W - Suspended - Issue Unknown - Quote $70 - $175.

Madonna w/o Halo - color - 46/1/6 - Suspended - Issue Unknown - Quote $115 - $300.

Madonna w/o Halo - white - 46/1/W - Suspended - Issue Unknown - Quote $70 - $175.

Why the wide quote range? It does depend on the markings on the bottom of the figurine. The quotes are documented prices of what dealers have sold the retired or suspended pieces for. The markings on the bottom signify the year of the figurine. The older markings have a higher value. I have misplaced my book at the moment, however, when I find it I will list what the markings mean.

Subject: Hummels

We have two older Hummels: (l) #57/0 Chick girl (72) - (2) #58/0 Playmates (32) What are these worth?

They are worth approximately $180 each.

Subject: Hummels

I have a Hummels figurine called "Going to Grandma's" It has the number 52/0 on the bottom along with and inverted V with a stylyzed Bee in the center and the words W.Germany right underneath in blue. I tried to look it up in a Hummel book but was confused by the letters TMK5 LB after the description. It is 43/4 high and on an oval base. Can you help me find out what it is worth as someone wants to buy it and I have no idea. Thanks for your help.

It is worth approximately $250.00

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Subject: Josef Originals

I have several Josef Original figurines and I was wondering if you could provide me with information on these, ie is there a collectiblies book that lists their value? If so, where could I find the catalog?

There are 21 Josef Original Figurines listed in Schroeder's Antiques Price Guide.

Subject: Geo. Zoltan Lefton Company (Lefton)

I have 4 figurines that an aunt gave me 20 years ago. She had had them many years before that, but no longer remembers anything about them. They are about 4" tall are are all young girls in beautiful dresses, some with small birds or flowers. The marking on the bottom of one is a gold crown saying Lefton China Hand painted. It has the number KW3757. There is also a Japan sticker on it. Any idea of a value?

Per Schroeder's Antique Price Guide, Lefton China is one of the most desirable, most sought-after collectibles in the market place today. As with any collectible or antique, prices vary depending on location, condition and availability. For the history of Lefton China, Books I and II - Collector's Encyclopedia of Lefton China, Identification and value, by Loretta DeLozier you may send her an email at Price list is available for each pattern or series.

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Subject: Occupied Japan

We found a figure of a boy (5in tall) with a cloth bag on a stick over his shoulder, he has a dog at his feet and there is a sign that says "To Town" on his left. The signature on the bottom is Wanderlust with the number K8577. Any info??? Also A small girl 4in tall with blue shirt and red skirt with small dog beside her. "Made in Occupied Japan" in blue ink on bottom.

I do not have anything specific on your figurines - but in general...Items marked "Occupied Japan" have become popular collectibles in the last few years. They were produced during the period from the end of World War II until April 18, 1952 when the occupation ended. Values vary considerably based on the quality of workmanship. Generally bisque figurines command much higher prices than porcelain, since they are usually of higher quality. The book has listed, Figurine, Hummel type, boy with begging dog. 5 inches $40.00.

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Subject: Royal Doulton

I have a Royal Doulton, Leading Lady, HN2269 Copr. 1964 with four sets of #s on the bottom, the last being 565/64. Can you help me with the value?

This particular figurine is not listed in the book. It is probably in the neighborhood of $245.00 - This is based on a figurine of lady called Winsome HN2220.

Subject: Norman Rockwell

I have a Norman Rockwell figurine of what looks like two women (one is possibly a teacher) and a little boy. On the bottom it has NR-227 9/14/35 and the copy write symbol with 1984 C.P.C. I was wondering what this figurine would be worth and if it has a name.

I did find #NR-227 "First Day of School" issued for $35.00 in 1984 and has a secondary market quote of $35.00. It was listed under Dave Grossman Creations, Norman Rockwell Collection-Miniatures - Rockwell Inspired. I think this is the same figurine...

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Subject: Miscellaneous

Where do I find information about Hummel DRAWINGS?  I have one from 1950, and would like to know more about it.


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