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The Colonial Heritage Series - Robert Franke Collectibles

I have a complete set (13 plates; limited edition, set 28 of 9900) of Museum Editions, Ltd, The Colonial Heritage Series sponsored by The Early American Society. They were made by the Ridgewood Fine China company. The original artwork was done by Robert Franke. All plates are in excellent condition in original boxes and include descriptive pamphlet for each plate. Any idea of the value of this set would be appreciated.

A collectible, as we have come to know it, is something someone wants, and is willing to give something for it in exchange. Almost all areas of the market report a renewed interest in high quality reproductions that have not been over-produced. Ebay, the largest internet auction site has brought a reality to the collectible market. I personally, do not feel comfortable anymore with using collectible books or price guides to determine value. Just look on eBay and you will see prices that have a large range for the same item. A grandson that just inherited his grandmother's plates may find them to be of no value (to his self) and so will sell them on eBay for whatever he can get. It is hard to say that a beautiful plate that you have cherished for years is worth $75 when "grandson" will take $10 and run ...

What is my Colonial Heritage Series by Robert Franke worth?

When checking the value of plates you should consider using the two most popular sources: eBay and Replacements.com

Old Courthouse

The plates on eBay are selling for $15 - $85 per plate, depending on the scene and condition.


The plates on Replacements.com are selling for $18 - $25 per plate depending on the scene and condition.