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Laszlo Ispanky Collector Plates - The Twelve Tribes of Israel

This is a copy of an ad that I found surfing the Internet
unfortunately I did not write the web site down and now I cannot find it again...

Ten Commandments Twelve Tribes of Israel artist Laszlo Ispanky

Very rare and hard to find.

We have 1 of each to sell, $195.00 ea.

Your looking at a very exceptional work of art. Writings are in Hebrew, the language of his chosen race.

The plates are 12 inches in diameter and are in excellent condition. Handcrafted in
fine porcelain and encircled with an acid-eched gold rim. Limited Edition of 10,000 each.

Box is included. However, box has some wear.

We do not have this plate - This is only a copy of an ad I saw

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