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Flower Madonna

Subject: Madonna with flower? I just found a "M.I. Hummel" figurine in a Goodwill, and I paid $2.00 for it. I just wonder if it is a fake... She has a circle of her hair showing in the halo. She is holding a flower. She is holding Jesus. Jesus' short robe is green with little painted crosses spotted over it. He points to the flower Mary is holding. She has a bird to her left. The bird is blue, green, yellow and black. She has a blue cape with raised dots. She has a "necklace" of dots. Mary is wearing an orange robe and has one brown shoe exposed. I don't think the painting on the shoe was done well. MARKINGS: On the back of her robe is the seemingly-accurate marking, "M.I. Hummel" On the bottom, just under the hole is a small, "GERMANY" stamp. On the bottom, on the other side of the hole is a smeared "V" pattern (The "bee"?). This is in an indented circle. Above this "bee" is an indented, "10/1" It's not terribly clean, but it is without chipping, and the coloring is nice. It all seems too fortunate to be legitimate. Can you tell me, with this much info, if it is a fake? THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! This is very kind of you!!!!!

I doubt that your figurine is a fake. You are truly lucky to find this figurine in a Goodwill store and shame on Goodwill for selling it for $2.00! I think you have the figurine 10/I with early color variation valued at $1500 to $2200.

Flower Madonna

HUM 10

Left to Right: Normal color, Hum 10/III, Stylized Bee mark; Beige robe with orange piping, Hum 10/3, Stylized Bee mark; White overglaze, Hum 10/III, Stylized Bee mark

Several color and mold variations are known for this figure. In both sizes it appears in color and in white overglaze. There have been reports of the figure occurring in tan, beige or brown and in a royal blue, as well as in terra cotta in 10/III (13") and in 10/I size (9 1/2") with the Crown Mark.

The Crown Mark pieces all have the open style or "doughnut" type halo - where you can see the back of the head. The figure was remodeled in the mid 1950's, eliminating the hole in the halo (closed halo). Because this took place during a trademark transition for the Crown to the Full Bee marks, the Full Bee trademarked figures are the pieces in which both type halos are found. The Full Bee pieces with open halo bring about 20% more than tose with closed halos.

The values of the significantly early color variations are $1500 to $2200 for the 10/I size and $2000 to $2800 for the 10/III size.

In 1996, the 50th anniversary of M. I. Hummel's death, Goebel issued a special edition of this piece in the 8 1/4" size for $225. This figure was on a hardwood base with a brass plaque.

Hummel Number Basic Size Trademark Current Value $
10/I white 9 1/2" TMK-1 CM 330 - 420
10/I white 9 1/2" TMK-2 FB 230 - 250
10/I white 9 1/2" TMK-3 Sty. Bee 195 - 215
10/I white 8 1/4" TMK-5 LB 165
10/I color 9 1/2" TMK-1 CM 775 - 970
10/I color 9 1/2" TMK-2 FB 575 - 600
10/I color 8 1/4" TMK-3 Sty. Bee 480 - 500
10/I color 8 1/4" TMK-5 LB 390 - 400
10/I color 8 1/4" TMK-6 MB 390
10/III white 13" TMK-1 CM 600 - 750
10/III white open halo 13" TMK-2 FB 470 - 500
10/III white closed halo 13" TMK-2 FB 420 - 460
10/III white 13" TMK-3 Sty. Bee 370 - 390
10/III white 11 1/2" TMK-5 LB 300
10/III white 11 1/2" TMK-6 MB 1000 - 1300
10/III color open halo 13" TMK-2 FB 775 - 825
10/III color closed halo 13" TMK-2 FB 725 - 775
10/III color 13" TMK-3 Sty. Bee 600 - 625
10/III color 11 1/2" TMK-5 LB 500
10/III color 11 1/2" TMK-6 MB 500

Information Available From: Lucky's Hummel Figurines & Plates Identification and Value Guide

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