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Cordey China Co.


The Cordey China Company was founded in 1942 in Trenton, New Jersey, by Boleslaw Cybis. The operation was small with less than a dozen workers. They produced figurines, vases, lamps and similar items, much of which was marketed through gift shops both nationwide and abroad. Though the earlier wares were made of plaster, Cybis soon developed his own formula for a porcelain composition which he called "Papka." Cordey figurines and busts were characterized by old-world charm, Rocco scrolls, delicate floral appliques, ruffles and real lace which was dipped in liquified clay to add dimension to the work.

Although on rare occasions some items were not numbered or signed, the basic figure was cast both with numbers and the Cordey signature. The molded pieces were then individually decorated and each marked with its own impressed identification number as well as a mark to indicate the artist-decorator. Their numbering system began with 200 and in later years progressed into the 8000's. As can best be established Cordey continued production until sometime in the mid 1950's. Boleslaw Cybis died in 1957, his wife in 1958.





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