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Luckey's Hummel Figurines & Plates


During World War II the Nazi government did not allow the Goebel company to carry on production of Hummel figurines. During this period a New York firm known as Ars Sacra (a subsidiary of todays Ars Edition in Munich) produced a small collection of figurines very much like the original designs and others in the Hummel style, but not copying any particular design. Those that were Hummel copies usually bore a 5/8 x 1 inch foil sticker. They often also had "B. Hummel" and either "ARS SACRA" or "Herbert Dubler, Inc." associated with the signature. Either version was usually incised into the top or side of the base of the figurine. Frequently a copyright date also appears in the same area. In Wonsh's guide Hummel Copycats more than 20 of these Dubler figures are pictured. His research indicates the possibility that 61 of these figures were designed and perhaps made.

Most Dubler pieces were made of a chalk-like or plaster of paris-type substance, but a few were rendered in bronze and some have even been found cast in silver. They were ostensibly distributed in the United States by the Crestwick Company of New York. Crestwick later became Hummelwerk, an old U. S. distributing company owned by Goebel. They evolved to the present Goebel operations in the U. S.

Another name associated with Dubler was "Decorative Figurines, Inc." These figurines, also made of plaster of paris, were almost exact copies.

(source: Luckey's Hummel Figurines & Plates, 11th edition.)

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